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Author: Debra Williams
Debra Williams Church Hat Author.jpg

Young people need to read books about other children who look like them and are going through similar experiences.  Church Hat is a children’s book available on Amazon about a revealing conversation between a young Black boy and his Mother when she finds him playing dress-up, trying on her fancy hats. Instead of being in trouble, he experiences a joyful exchange that gives him the comfort of knowing that he can be curious and questioning without judgement or trauma.


Beautifully illustrated by Janine Carrington, the rhyming narrative captures a parent's loving guidance and the joy of a child's emotional safety in being accepted in a home where he knows he belongs.

It's a story for the whole family. If you are looking for a way to talk with your child about feelings that they may be different, this bedtime story has tolerance and encouragement with a positive message on supporting a child to be their authentic self. Silence creates secrets, and ignorance can lead to fear. 

Buy a copy on Amazon and share how love always wins.

Now being made into an animated short film. Follow Debra on the following Instagram pages:

Donate here to support the production of this animated short film!

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