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Debra Elayne Williams BS MA CGAP CFE


Debra has over 28 years of leadership as a project manager and performance strategist, leading teams of subject matter experts, designing inclusive processes, and reviewing procedures for measurable results. She helps clients achieve outcomes to be successful in the short and long term that meet evolving organizational needs. Being certified as an auditor, fraud examiner, and as a cognitive behavioral technique (CBT) practitioner, results in an ability to know the right tools and techniques to apply to situations that require a balance of strict guidelines and agile methods.

Currently working with organizations and individual clients on:

  • Staff orientation for a phased return to a safe co-located office environment

  • Extenuating circumstances strategy, policy, procedure and communication

  • Achieving wellness during social upheaval

  • Mentoring and Leadership policy and procedures for under supported, racialized staff

  • Embedding inclusion, diversity and equity in the workplace

Whether working in public or private organizations, Debra demonstrates political acuity and the ability to build and maintain a relationship of trust with stakeholders. As an independent consultant, she is committed  protecting confidential material, while maintaining a fair, impartial, and objective stance that is essential for a professional rapport with clients. Her approach to every project is to find the right balance between the application of relevant tools, techniques and processes along with equally important “soft skills”  as a performance coach, such as active listening, cultural awareness and negotiation.

Her professional narrative demonstrates that she has the formal education, skills and competence you need to provide a range of valuable services. 

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Consulting and
Advisory Services
  • Readiness & Transition plans

  • Change Design

  • Implementation Plans

  • Inclusion, Diversity and Equity strategies

  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

  • Risk Assessments

  • Process reviews

  • Knowledge Exchange & Training

  • Knowledge Integration

  • Root Cause & Trend Analysis